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Kevin Gray, Forever Always - Broadway's Tribute CD
Released 2015

    The untimely and unfortunate passing of a Broadway star spurred on the creation of this tribute CD. Fueled by the passion of her love for her husband, the extremely talented actress and songwriter, Dodie Pettit, assembled an incredible tribute to her husband, Kevin Gray. Broadway stars came out in droves to contribute their talents to a 2 CD, 35 song masterpiece. Having met Kevin, and having worked with Dodie on several other project, I am incredibly proud to be a part of this wonderful tribute to her husband. Proceeds from the sales of this CD will go to the Kevin Gray Memorial Foundation. Which include “The Kevin Gray Musical Theater Award Endowment Fund” at Duke University and “The Kevin Gray Memorial Scholarship Award” at the Hartt School, University of Hartford.

Listen to a sample from Kevin Gray, Forever Always - Broadway's Tribute CD
Jose Feliciano with the Raanana Symphony Orchestra
Live in Tel Aviv

Released 2013

    One of a few times I was lucky enough to play with a symphony was in Tel Aviv Israel in Oct of 2013 It really is a special feeling to be on stage with and be enveloped by a symphony orchestra. I'm proud to share the stage with Jose, Tyger, Greg, Bob, legendary conductor, Jimmy Haskel and the Raanana Symphony Orchestra. The entire show is available on CD and DVD

Listen to a sample from Jose Feliciano with the Raanana Symphony Orchestra
  In My Own Voice, and Long Road by Dodie Pettit
Released 2013, 2014
The prolific Dodie Pettit has written and recorded enough tunes over the years to release 2 CDs in the last year!
I play bass and do some drum programming on a few tunes.
Head on over to Dodie and check the rest of her stuff.

Listen to samples from In My Own Voice and Long Road.
The King by Jose Feliciano
Released 2012

    As Jose has always been a big fan of Elvis, it was truly a labor of love, for Elvis Presley has been an important thread throughout the life of Jose Feliciano. At Jose's home studio I recorded Jose as he commandeered this memoir in tribute to the King, Elvis Presley. All of the arrangements, instrumentation, background vocals and sequencing were first swimming around in his mind before laying it all out in the studio. “I loved coming to work each day with the challenge of laying down what I heard in my head. Al played bass on one number, programmed the drums and mixed all the tracks with me. It’s been an experience that might be hard to top.” In light of the dynamics at play with this project, he might be right.

Listen to a sample from The King
The Genius of Jose Feliciano Vol.II
Released 2010

    The second volume in the "Genius" Series, The Genius of Jose Feliciano Vol II, I played bass, programmed and produced "Believe Me When I Tell You", and I recorded most of Jose's guitar and vocal parts then sent them off to ultra-slick producer, Bob Conti out to his studio in Los Angeles where he did his majic. The tracks I worked on were done at Jose's studio in Weston CT.

Listen to samples from The Genius of Jose Feliciano Vol II
Like It Alot
Released 2010

    The gifted blues singer, Tom Dudley, the Blues Buddha released a new CD in 2010. I played bass on two tracks, "Like I Do" and, "Morning Song". Along with Tom on vocals are Scott Staton on keyboards, Joe Piteo on drums and Gil Paris on guitar. Tracks were done at Larry Alexander's studio.

Listen to samples from Blues Buddha's Latest CD, "Like It Alot"
Songs of the Undeserving
Released 2009

    Singer-songwriter Joyce Lee released her debut EP-CD on which I recorded the talented Chris Davis, who played dobro and guitar on 2 tracks. The tracks I recorded were done in Don Elliott Productions in Weston CT, for the fabulous producer, Kyoshi Graves, who did everything else in California.

Listen to a sample from Songs of the Undeserving
What It Is
Released 2009

    My last CD with the great guitarist's band, The Burr Johnson Band. I played bass and was recording engineer on all the tracks. Joining Burr and I on drums is the always phenominal Thierry Arpino. Added as bonus tracks, Tyger MacNeal plays drums on "Ol Factory" and Nick Saya plays drums on "Bitter Sweet". Thierry's drum tracks were recorded at Don Elliott Productions in Weston CT and Burr and I finished up our parts and mixed it at home. Everything was recorded and mixed using MOTU's Digital Performer.

Listen to a sample from What It Is
Senor Bachata
Released 2008

     Jose Feliciano has been recording albums for over 30 years. On this one I played bass on the cut, "Pienso En Ti" and co-produced that and 2 other songs, "Quiereme" and "Que Le Estara Pasando a Puerto Rico". I'm proud to say that in Nov. 2008 this CD won a Latin Grammy!

Listen to a sample from Senor Bachata
Fusion: A Study in Contemporary Music for the Drums
Released 2007

    Written by Kim Plainfield During his time playing with the Burr Johnson Band, Kim asked Burr and I to record one of my favorite Burr Johnson tunes, "Ol Factory". The recording would be included with his new book as a track for drummers play along with. I'm proud to be a part of Kim's instructional books and media written with "The Collective" in NYC.
Rest in Peace my friend. The music world is missing you.

Listen to samples from Ol Factory Demo
Soundtrax of My Life
Released 2007

     Jose Feliciano His first english album in 20 years. I'm proud to be a co-producer, engineer, programmer and bassist on this CD. The CD is compiled from work we've done together since I began working with him in 1997. The entire CD, with a few exceptions, "I'm Sorry" and "Killing's Not the Answer" is performed and recorded solely by Jose and myself. My lovely wife, Denyse, gives a short, but sexy, performance on "I'm Sorry".

Listen to samples from Soundtrax of My Life
Released 2005

     The Burr Johnson Band The 4th CD with Kim Plainfield on drums and, of course, Burr Johnson on guitar and guitar synth. The CD was recorded and mixed entirely in Digital Performer. Burr and I dragged a G5, a console and some outboard over to Kim's basement and recorded him there. Then when we took the tracks home and polished up our tracks separately. Burr had moved to Native Instrument's Guitar Rig software and gets an incredible tone with it. I recorded my bass parts using a combination of the DI from my SWR Studio 220 head and my SWR 4x10 cabinet miked with a Neuman U-87. After we mixed and edited everything we took it over to Jim Clause and he did a great job of mastering the project.

Listen to a sample of Man Child
Six String Lady
Released 2005

    An instrumental album available only by download from his website. To purchase the music, or listen to sample clips, Click Here. This collection of music is another compilation of work we've done since we've been working together and is performed and recorded solely by Jose and myself. I'm proud to say that I am co-producer, engineer, programmer and bassist on this one as well.

Listen to a sample of Snow Bird
Summer Funk
Released 2002

    The 3rd CD by the Burr Johnson Band as a trio features the exciting Thierry Arpino on drums and of course the amazing Burr Johnson on guitar and guitar synth. We recorded this at Don Elliott Productions, a gorgeous recording studio in Weston CT, while I was living and working there. There is some high powered fusion on this CD, including the title track, "Summer Funk" and the furious "Montreux". I'm proud to have this in my arsenal of recording projects.

Listen to a sample of Summer Funk
The Burr Johnson Band
Released 2001

    The 2nd CD by the Burr Johnson Band as a trio features two drummers. The original trio drummer, Nick Saya and Tyger MacNeal (Jose Feliciano, AWB) on 2 additional cuts. This recording was also done at beautiful Don Elliott Productions in Weston CT. With engineer Spyros Poulos (Al Di Meola) doing the major tracking and mixing work on the tracks with Nick Saya. This project marks the last project I recorded in the analog world. After this I turned to digital and tape became a fond memory of the past.

Listen to samples from The Burr Johnson Band
Joy To The World
Released 2000

    This recording is just me playing bass and me chopping up samples of me on drums.

Listen to a sample of Joy To The World
Viva La Navidad
Released 2000

    This CD single features two versions of a Christmas song written by Jose Feliciano I co-produce, program and play bass on the the first track of the CD.

Listen to a sample of Viva La Navidad
  Jeff Friedberg's Bossy Frog Series
Released 1999, 2000, 2001
Some award winning children's music written and performed by Jeff Freidberg on which I did some programming and engineering. Sound Clips available at Bossy
Gonna Getcha
Released 1996

    A seven piece blues band that I played with back in the mid 90's. Great bunch of guys and all excellent musicians. Mike Mindel: Keys, (Bill's Toupee) Jonathan Moorehead: Vocals, (Mojosmoke) Andy Powell: Guitar, (Wishbone Ash) Donny Stroffolino: Drums, Ken Gioffre: Sax, Michael E. Smith: Trumpet, Flugelhorn. I still remember my audition for this band, the guys and I just hit it off right from the start. We just seemed to click and as it turned out, they ended up choosing me as thier next bassist. Next thing I know, we were recording and touring and having a great time, but the band only stuck together for a short time. It's been many years since then and I miss those guys.

Listen to samples from Gonna Getcha
The Inner Door
Released 1996

    The Steve Raleigh Band was a fusion jazz quartet that I played in for a few years in the mid 90s. Steve Raleigh on guitar. Myself on bass, Lou Varuzzo on drums, and a few different keyboard players over the years. Steve wrote some great stuff and it was fun to play and record it.

Listen to samples from The Inner Door
The Dinner Party
Recorded 1995

    The Burr Johnson Band's first CD as a trio with Nick Saya on drums and Burr on guitar. Also my first attempt at playing live and recording simultaneously. A challenging task, but a labor of love and in the end, I think it came out great.

Listen to a sample of Sting
Recorded 1988

     With members from the first band I was ever in during high school, "Tyrant", morphed into "Looker". Before this album was released in 1988, I had left the band, but I am on a couple of tunes on this album. Band members were myself on bass, Craig Heitzner - drums, Jon Haber - guitar, Dave Schwartz - guitar, and Lenny Ferber - vocals. After I left, Mike Murphy took over on bass. Jon Haber has been busy remastering some of the tunes and I'll have samples coming soon.